The Last Post

When I started this blog I wanted to get my story out there ,and hopefully help other people along the way.Then I started the usual stuff of trying to get my blog noticed.Today I got my notepad and pen and there was just nothing in me to write .And I really didn’t want to do it.I thought is this laziness,procrastination,writers block,but it wasn’t ,I realized I’ve been writing now on here and my own personal journal without a mental filter pouring all my emotional shit out.I filled about 200 pages,my mental sponge was full of shitty brown coloured water,and I kept squeezing until the sponge was dry.I feel lighter,happier,more relaxed ,more my true self.I’m not saying the work is over ,however massive progress has been made.I wrote about things I didn’t even know we’re in me,old haunting memories ,hate ,anger,envy ,jealousy ,basically everything .But this part of the journey is over(for now at least).I really don’t care now if anyone reads this or not.If they do and it helps them that’s great.For me this is a magnificent achievement !I knew I needed to do it ,I thought I wanted to be a famous blogger,helping people.That wasn’t the real reason ,but I was compelled to do it and found I why ,I reached the the destination.My message ,follow your compulsions you just never know what you will find.


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