Sandfield Park Secondary School,

Last week I went to a family members school leavers ceremony.It was at Sandfield park secondary school in Liverpool,as school for young people with disabilities.To  be honest I was not looking forward to sitting through each pupils presentation(my relatives yes).I don’t like crowded rooms ,and the chairs were not meant for sitting in  for long periods of time ,giving me a sore backside.

How wrong was I!The pupils sat in rows of seats to the right of the parents and visitors row,some in motorised wheel chairs.

The service began with a song from a young lady who was one of the leavers.l was blown away with her courage  and confidence ,obviously nurtured by the school ,parents and carers.She was an inspiration.Then each of the eleven leavers ,ready to go out into the world to colleges and jobs,had a photo montage shown about their time at this great school.They were presented with certificates,for their individual achievements according to their own skills and capabilities. The awards varied :sports,work experience ,making friends ,outdoor adventures,music ,even having having a positive attitude.How amazing and refreshing is that!They were also rewarded and praised for facing fears,hard work and effort.

As my relatives montage began,the unmistakeable beggining of the song ‘in the air tonight ‘ by Phil Collins started to play.My eyes began to fill up,and I thought ‘sod it ,I’m just gonna let it flow’.And so did.Watching a shy young boy ,grow into a confident man touched my soul.When it ended I needed space(and a smoke;I know,I know).

Outside I had a compulsion to go over to some trees.There was no one outside ,the light rain tip tapping on the trees as if nature was communicating with me.Yes, I did say that and I had my medication today.I was compelled to touch them and speak to them.So shiftily looking around making sure no one was looking at me ,I touched the trees.I said to them what can you teach me .The answer,let it be,just let it be.Trees and nature don’t stand stagnant ,they don’t force themselves,themselves to grow.They develop at the right time ,in the right seasons.They don’t worry (as far as we know).They give us oxygen ,give us food ,give homes to many species of life.yet,they just are.

I went back inside and as coincidence would have it(or not),I noticed a guy with a Beatles T-shirt on it ,and emblazoned on it ( have you guessed it yet)’let it be.(Paul Mcartney was inspired to write this song when he had a dream ,I think about his mum who had died,telling him to just let I be ,everything will be ok)

I learned I had let my mental guard down ,and allowed myself to see and feel the unseen.

I also learned how the kids at the school were thriving.Not judged or marked on their weaknesses.I read a school report recently ,from an English school about a 13 year old boy.According to the report he was doing great,in most things.I looked at the  Spanish teachers report ,it had a no 4,next to it .I didn’t know what that meant so I looked at the key,it said cause for concern.Are they f***ing joking or what!A language he’ll probably never have to use unless Spain invade us and succeed in the next 50 years or so.

Overall I was inspired ,had a spiritual connection,God nudging me again ,giving me a message.

Most of all how content and joyful those pupils appears to be.

lesson: Be yourself to the best of your ability.Let down your guard and be true to yourself .Focus on your gifts and srengths.A person in a great environment flourishes.

Thank you,and love to yo all at Sandfield Park,and best wishers  to the leavers .



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