God Gives Me A Dig

I’ve struggled for a long,long time about were my life was going.Whats my purpose ?Whats my passion ?Thats what all the self help books tell you to find ,right!What I have found out God(universe ,Angels ,whatever)guides you onto the spiritual path whether you are aware of it or not.There are many ways he does this ,what appear to be to us good and bad experiences ,or are they?It could be something like a great opportunity but you don’t embrace it because fear or procrastination is holding you back.Or it could be a physical beating in a street fight.Both of these have happened To me and on more than one occasion.Im not talking about someone who is innocently attacked in any way ,certainly not!(AlThough to be honest lessons can be learned from everything however tragic or heartbreaking .)I’m talking about choices we make in every day life.I think it’s like this;if you have even the slightest spiritual connection (that’s how it starts anyway ,even Jesus studied religion at an early age)the omnipotent power will try its best for us at that exact time ,to nudge us back on the path.

When I refer to the word dig ,it means,in this case a punch ,because that’s what happened to me to get me back on the path.I was drunk stupid and the inevitable happened.

On the other hand ,I’ve missed out on great opportunities to mix with my hero’s and mentors ,which now have sadly gone.I didn’t take the bull by the horns ,I didn’t use my favourite motto ‘He Who Dares Wins'( as I’m sure Del Trotter would have).No!I never got off my arse,used a multitude of excuses:to far to travel ,can’t afford it(need money to go out and party),I’m not really interested anyway.All poor excuses hiding the fact I was scared to leave my comfort zone.

Interestingly enough,I have found if you keep swaying off the path back onto an old repetitive one and you still haven’t learned your lesson the ‘digs’ get gradually , more and more severe until hopefully you finally learn your lesson,as thankfully have I.

As a result my life has changed dramatically .I suffer less with depression ,I laugh heartily daily with my family and I am now following my dreams .Of course I still have daily struggles ,like everyone else.However ,I’m on the right path(for now)and that’s  all matters.Until i stray off again ,as I inevietiabley I will(hopefully not as far as I have in the past)then God will give me another little nudge in the right direction.

So listen to your messages ,God definitely tells you when you’re off course.


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