Physical Excercise;Release The Beast

Being a highly sensitive person,I have found out of nessesasity coping mechanisms for survival and a happier life.Physical excercise is the ground base for me.

As we are hsp ,our sympathetic nervous system is on override each day everyday pumping adrenaline through our bodies ready for fight or flight were no danger really exists.A look from a work colleague ,a couple shouting in the park.Everyday were pumped with a chemical to make us stronger and faster,immune to pain ,if left to run riot in our bodies,it contributes to making us physicaly and mentally ill.It also makes us even more agitated ,angry on edge,these things we don’t really want.

At 24 years old I had my first breakdown.I was constantly dizzy,paranoid ,nervous,I couldn’t even sit in a classroom in college without thinking the lecturer was staring at me and out to get me in some bizzare way.I was told by medical Proffesionals that the dizziness ,tiredness and anger ,were partly due to adrenaline charging round my body.

Some people say a brisk walk is all you need ,and this may be so for a lot of people ;for us hsp ,I think not.

what I have found personally and in studies ,sessions off 15 -20 minutes high intensity were you get a good sweat on releasing the adrenaline is much more effective.Of course ,we can do it to a level that we can cope with due to fitness and health,even five or ten minutes high intensity is better than an hours stroll around the park.

Running,skipping,sprinting and cycling are all good examples.I also weight train and find that a good method of release.The important thing is to find something that works for you!There are many other types of sports and excercise ,so try them,you never know you might even find a new hobby,or become a gold medalist at your chosen sport ,who knows?At first though make sure its not too competitive or just train on your own like I do then ,your only in competition with yourself and that’s fun.You can add another five minutes to your run,add more weight to you’re bar,but please don’t become obsessed with it ,this just creates even more stress.Also seek expert opinion on your chosen excercise from a book,the Internet ,a trainer so you perform it properly greatly improving you’re chance of progression and not getting any injuries.

Excercise ,done correctly really does make a difference .You will feel lighter calmer more relaxed ,less stressed;and you don’t have to do it every day to get results ,I’ve built up to 3 times a week and that works for me!

Have fun with it ,don’t overtrain ,research it first and if you have a medical condition ,seek advice from a medical Proffesional first.

Be brave ,be nice ,be respectful


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