I’ve Got It!Im A Highly sensitive Person

What a revelation!

After twenty five years of searching ,I feel like I’ve found a diamond in a rock.

I was reading an article on the Tiny Buddah blog ,written by Bryn Adams about hsp(highly sensitive people).It struck a chord with me (the kind that slash would hit on his guitar).I was searching for answers and there it was ,right in front of me.The first article on the page.Bryn explains a little about her personal experience as a highly sensitive person.I have never heard of this term ,it’s definitely something that should be talked about more ,because people are ashamed to talk about their feelings as they feel stupid or weak,which is absolutely not the case!

Individuals who are hsp find it difficult to navigate their way through life.They hide in the shadows like an undiscovered race.They are born with sensitive sympathetic nervous systems which are triggered by a by the slightest thing.A comment ,a look,a loud noise.This can be magnified by your life circumstances.For example;I had a a suppressed childhood ,bullied  severely for three years and was born small in height with red hair ,and a face which on a scale of  1-10 was judged as 2 and 3 by two close relatives.As a result of my experiences my life became chaos.I became violent,turned to alcohol ,became a recluse of sorts,couldn’t keep a job for long and ultimately led to   three suicide attempts.However I’m still here(by the skin of my teeth) because I found ways of coping through much learning through self discovery and research .

Ive made some choices I regret and choices I am happy about.I don’t want any other hsp to do the same,although they inevitably will,that’s life and each of us has our own path.

I have gained valuable knowledge from spirituality,personal development ,science and just every day observations.

I hope you will enjoy my blog site and hopefully find something from it that works for you and helps you on life’s journey.

I wish you well



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