Love Island(A universal message)

Do you love it or are you sick of it like me ?Its every where.But what is it that that attracts millions of people to these shows?The obvious is my first observation.Aestheticaly beautiful men and women ,scantily clad ,in a beautiful sun drenched resort.Beauty and sex sells ,it a fact!just look at ,films ,t.v shows ,Advertisements,even news readers and weather reporters,mostly attractive people,especially the women.which I find hysterical.There are people working in the industry fighting for the rights of women ,campaigning about body consciousness,but there there,successful ,gossiping about love island ,giving it quality air time on their shows.You can feel their excitement through the t.v screen as they discuss the latest goings on.Then in another slot they talk about eating disorders about ,how it’s becoming more and more of a problem,with our kids and men and women! Is there any wonder.

Next thing that that comes to mind is gossip.people love looking for a bad boy or girl don’t they.The guy who’s slept with all the contestants,the woman who’s playing the men ,just to stay in the show.And surprise ,surprise ,who gets the most talked about ?………wait for it…… Oh it’s the player and the snakes.That takes me too celebrity dating.A show were celebrities go on dates with  with the public .what a load of b*****ks!Hand picked stunners of both sexes most have high flying jobs,then we watch and squirm as our celebs treat the like dirt because their  so up the own a**e.

Bottom line of it is ,these shows would be fine if we could  watch them objectively .Some people can ,and some people can’t ……like me .Being small ,red haired and classed as 2 out of ten on the looks scale by  a Couple of family members (plus hundreds more comments and rejections like it),it’s a bitter tasting view of the world today .I have no doubt at all how you look in this world ,affects your life massively! And I mean both for men and women and of course children.From careers,relationships,sex life (or lack of it),bullying,intimidation,loneliness ,how people interact with you on a daily basis!For me the most heat breaking part is because of the way humans of this world have communicated with you,or not as the case may be ,based on your physical form,whether consciously  or unconsciously ,can and does lead people to desperation ending in them wanting or succeeding to take their own lives.

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