Over The Horizon

Hi ,welcome to my blog.

This site is about …..well,everything,anything my my can conceive at this time anyway.

I have been on a spiritual and self realisation path from 11 years old.Of course I didn’t know at the time,I was kind of pushed into it (or called by God ,who knows) by extreme adversity that hit me in my life at that time.Severe bullying  and a a sressful personal life.

From then my life becomes one of anguish ,fear and desperation,eventually leading to three suicide attempts.Somehow I managed to keep going and the present day thankfully brings a glimpse of the light over that far off horizon .

Its been a long,long harrowing journey.However,I’m glad I made it.My conscious awareness has massively expanded and I can now understand that about 90% of it was in my own head.As the spiritual gurus say ‘you are not In this world ,the world is in you’.But and its a big but ,even bigger than a reality stars implants! Unfortunately ,it’s not quite as simple as that;Well it wasn’t for me anyway !

So having been on this planet for 45 years,and experienced a lot for my sensitive ,empathetic brain ,I would like to share my’Thoughts and Feelings’ with you on life experiences both internally and externally and how I managed to survive and what strategy’s helped me through ,and hopefully help someone out there too!

So there it is ,the distant horizon we never reach.But if we keep walking  we may get a glimpse of the light.And if we’re really blessed ,catch the magnificent view of the sun.

Be brave,be nice,stay respectful.

Thank you





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